RSGB - Resource of amateur radio and technical information, plus a bookshop and links - Design and receive your own eQSL card online - Includes news, searchable callsign database, license renewals and updates, DX spotting reports, APRS resources, clubs, solar report, and links
FISTS/SKCC Lookup - Callsign and FISTS/SKCC number lookup tool. Will open as a pop-up that can be kept in the corner of your screen (i.e. you can exit this website and it will remain). Internet Explorer 7 users can reduce the pop-up size by ticking the "Allow websites to open without address or status bars" option in Tools/Internet Options/Security/Custom Level.
Logger32 CallCheck file - FISTS/SKCC Callsign lookup file for use with Logger32. Open the page in your browser then use the "Save As" option to save the file to the same location as your Logger.exe file. Then use instructions for CheckCall in the L32 help files.
Excel or csv to ADIF converter - A useful tool to convert any logs in Excel format into ADIF. Right click this link and use "Save Target As" files








Last Updated 29 March 2008

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